Public Relations Supports Business Development and Corporate Success

At Furia Rubel, our public relations programs are built on effective storytelling. We work proactively with our clients to identify their key audiences, develop engaging messages, and implement PR tactics that achieve business objectives. Public relations is about business development. It’s about client retention and acquisition, awareness, education, persuasion, and thought leadership. It’s not just media stories for media’s sake. Any PR person can draft a press release or land a small story. Public Relations is about landing the right stories, articles, and thought leadership to support your business goals to grow revenue, increase market share, build awareness, and recruit top talent.

Furia Rubel positions brands and individuals as leaders in their fields by identifying their unique stories and then crafting pitches and placements that help share those stories with the right audience.

We focus our efforts on the strategic intersection between business development and public relations through:

Awareness: One of the prominent roles public relations plays in business development is the generation of knowledge about your business, the industries you serve, your professionals, and your locations.

Education: Once clients and potential clients have general awareness about your business, public relations is keenly focused on properly educating them about your expertise and capabilities.

Persuasion:  Our PR strategists look for thought leadership opportunities that will persuade a potential client to purchase your services. We work directly with in-house marketing teams to sharpen their messaging platforms, presentations, social media, and media relations content.

The right PR agency will analyze your business, find positive messages and opportunities for thought leadership, and translate those messages into placements that drive retention and acquisition. At Furia Rubel, we set our clients up to be the recognized authority. We roll up our sleeves to do the heavy lifting required to proactively pitch and place the right stories that drive business development.

Public Relations Strategists and Tacticians

Furia Rubel is plugged in, savvy, connected, and aware of current happenings that matter in our clients’ industries. We understand business development, relationship development, and thought leadership. We know what it takes to “sell” to decision makers, top executives, and top talent.

Our public relations experts have decades of experience in working in the news business and with journalists and publishers from garnering press coverage in regional, national, and global media, including print, radio television, and online. We know how the media works because we have either worked as journalists or alongside members of the media for many years, through an ever-changing industry landscape.

The Furia Rubel team has the demonstrated ability to problem-solve, improvise, get creative, and build pathways to bolster revenue generation and recruitment. We bring broad and deep knowledge combined with a personalized approach.

What Goes Into Public Relations?

PR efforts need to ultimately answer, “Who are we targeting, why does it matter, and will it bring us closer to our ultimate goals?” Your PR partner must understand and fully embrace the big picture and the broader goals, keeping an eye toward your primary objectives.

Results are important to us. Our public relations strategies help you increase name recognition and brand visibility, as well as position you as a leader in your industry. Our media relationships and story pitching have landed coverage for our clients in local, regional, national and international media outlets including ABC News, The Associated Press, NPR, Philadelphia Business Journal, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Washington Post, and more. To see more of our media placements, click here.

Identifying and telling your organization’s story is central to developing your brand, and to generating new business.

Leveraging P.E.S.O. in Public Relations

At Furia Rubel, we integrate four media types into the strategic PR mix: paid, earned, shared/social, and owned. These are the four types of media that make up the acronym P.E.S.O. We merge all forms of media into a thoughtful and integrated public relations strategy by:

  • Developing strategic marketing communications goals
  • Developing media pitches and identifying proper local, regional, national, or international media outlets
  • Writing, editing, and distributing media stories
  • Tracking and reporting on media coverage to further extend the footprint
  • Develop and nurture media relationships
  • Develop and implement strategic plans
  • Pursuing awards and recognition
  • Opening the door for speaking opportunities

Why Consider Furia Rubel for Your Public Relations Needs?

More than ever, there is a greater demand on in-house marketing and business development teams. With Furia Rubel, you have access to an organized group with processes to help you maintain organization, efficiency, and quality.

Our full-service agency will tell your story. We will keep track of the stakeholders’ opinions, identify patterns of media coverage, assess the public’s attitudes towards your content, support consensus-building among senior leadership, and take time to understand your service offerings, industries, marketing platforms, and business strategies.

Public relations matters. It’s the difference between working on your business and working within your business. Furia Rubel can help you to raise the bar. If you are looking to up your game and generate more business with marketing and public relations that drive business success, now is the time to contact Furia Rubel.

In addition, check out On Record PR, a podcast sponsored by Furia Rubel which addresses business management issues, media relations, and leadership opportunities. If you’re interested in media training, take time to listen to the interviews with today’s journalists.

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