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Business services require a clear understanding of the need of the target audience. For more than a decade, Furia Rubel has handled integrated marketing and public relations for the business-to-business (B2B) companies. We strategize with our clients in order to provide services that are customized to reach their goals, and then we make those goals a reality.

Our B2B  marketing experts provide companies with strategic planning, branding, public relations, advertising and graphic design, social media, content marketing, digital marketing, business development, merger and acquisition communications  and crisis communications.

We understand our clients’ business objectives and our professionals develop comprehensive strategies and creative tactics that bring about extraordinary results. From advertising and public relations to full-service integrated marketing campaigns,the agency serves the specialized business-to-business marketing and PR needs of:

Today’s B2B marketplace demands brand consistency and integration of messages across all touch points and geographies. B2B brands that out-perform in this competitive landscape develop consistency of message in order to drive home competitive advantage and enable greater marketing efficiencies.

Furia Rubel helps business services clients to reconcile the need for brand consistency with the need for budget efficiencies while delivering solid marketing ROIs.

If your B2B company is looking to up its game with marketing and public relations that drive business success, now is the time to contact Furia Rubel

In addition, check out On Record PR, a podcast sponsored by Furia Rubel which addresses business management issues, media relations, and leadership opportunities. If you’re interested in public relations or media training, take time to listen to the interviews with today’s journalists.

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