Litigation Communications and Trial Publicity for Law Firms and Their Clients

The best litigation communications and trial publicity strategies are built around early intervention. When the goal is keeping a story out of the public eye, involving your PR agency in partnership with general counsel at the first hint of trouble can make all the difference. Early engagement is crucial when it is essential to influence stakeholders, control first impressions, manage reputations, and win the hearts and minds of the court of public opinion. Preserving and protecting your brand, or that of your client, is of paramount importance. If an action or event has blindsided you, an immediate and proactive response is vital to neutralize the story. Reframing the message in a favorable way is easiest when sentiments have not yet hardened.

Litigation Communications and Trial Publicity Services

  • Crisis planning and management
  • Training and ongoing coaching for spokespeople
  • Crafting and disseminating messages for each audience, including internal audiences, external audiences, clients and the media
  • Serving as point-of-contact for all media
  • Orchestrating and managing press conferences
  • Managing the media in the courtroom
  • Creating videos and press backgrounders to increase interest when other news threatens to bury your story
  • Analyzing court documents and pleadings

Our firm has handled, crisis planning and management, litigation communications, trial publicity and media relations strategy, implementation and support in many practice areas and industries. Here are just a few:

  • Board of director disputes
  • Cybersecurity and data breaches
  • Direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical litigation
  • Executives acting badly: sexual misconduct, embezzlement, disbarment, discrimination
  • Intellectual property litigation
  • Labor union negotiations, walkouts and protests
  • Mass torts and complex litigation including asbestos, lead paint, breast implants and other toxic substance matters
  • Philadelphia soda tax litigation
  • Police shootings
  • Product liability matters and recalls: Automotive, building, children’s toys, furniture, utility
  • Real estate development, zoning, and real property disputes including FAA-regulated airport expansion litigation
  • Superfund sites
  • Unsafe roadways
  • Workers’ compensation benefits for firefighters in Pennsylvania

Litigation Communications and Trial Publicity Experience

There are many types of matters that require strategic aforethought in how to handle the litigation communications and potential trial publicity. Oftentimes, corporations engage us through their general counsel or law firms engage us to work with in-house and outside counsel on matters. Our team of experienced media and law professionals provides unbiased and strategic counsel to ensure our clients are protected to the best of our ability.

Corporate Litigation Communications and Trial Publicity Support

  • When a large, prestigious law firm was served with a baseless age discrimination lawsuit, we quickly mobilized and managed the message, reviewed the responsive pleadings and drew reporters’ attention to the court documents available to the public. With our intervention, the tide was turned, the plaintiff withdrew his groundless pro se complaint, and the final story focused on that withdrawal which preserved the law firm’s reputation.
  • When a senior executive was accused of divulging confidential client information to a whistleblower, leading to multi-billion-dollar qui tam lawsuit, we provided crisis management and successfully handled the matter with corporate counsel. The matter was never reported upon by the media.
  • We advised and handled media relations for the client of an Am Law 100 firm in a tortious interference case against a national fitness chain. The resulting media coverage led to a settlement and a cease and desist order from the court.
  • Working with various municipalities, we have managed media relations regarding airport expansion litigation and issues regarding natural gas pipelines.
  • When a bank experienced ATM skimming causing a data breach affecting its customers, we provided crisis planning and media relations support.
  • We have overseen crisis planning and media management for various entities as they dealt with hostile takeovers, mass layoffs, corporate restructurings, and lateral departures.
  • When a law firm partner represented a high-profile global institution in a sexual harassment case garnering nationwide publicity, we managed the crisis response and media relations.
  • We oversaw messaging and internal management in several matters after it was discovered that senior officers had embezzled client and/or corporate funds.
  • When the senior executive of a company admitted to illicit (while not illegal) sexual conduct during work hours, in violation of the company’s employee manual, their employment counsel engaged us to handle damage control. We worked with the firm and its client to make certain the wrongdoing individual resigned, a successor was named and the story did not become public.

Personal Injury, Class Actions and MDL Matters Litigation Communications and Trial Publicity

  • When the Maron Marvel law firm represented a family of four poisoned and left quadriplegic from exposure to illegally applied pesticides in the Virgin Islands, Furia Rubel managed all media relations. The goal was to keep the law firm and the family out of the spotlight to protect the family’s privacy and to ensure the best settlement possible. Hundreds of major media outlets from around the world inquired about this matter.
  • When a personal injury law firm’s client was falsely accused of theft and later received a letter of apology from the D.A., we oversaw all media relations to restore the client’s reputation.
  • We worked with a personal injury law firm to manage the media in a class action case involving tax filing fees which resulted in growing the class substantially.
  • In a personal injury case involving a wrongful death settlement of $11 million, we worked with the attorney to ensure the story of a non-arrested drunken driver was told. After an exclusive investigative story aired on Inside Edition, the drunken driver who killed the single mother of two young children was arrested and convicted.
  • When our personal injury law firm client learned that children were dying or sustaining catastrophic injuries as the result of a defective product, we worked with the firm to get the company to issue a recall of the toys. A front-page news article in a major metro-area newspaper followed resulting in a settlement for an undisclosed amount of money.
  • We handled all media relations for the Lopez McHugh law firm in a multidistrict (MDL) product liability litigation.
  • On behalf of Sheller P.C., we managed all media relations in light tobacco litigation, in Pier 34 Collapse wrongful death cases, and in high-profile pharmaceutical class actions involving Cipro, Vioxx, and others.

Criminal Cases and Trial Publicity

  • When Stewart Ryan, an attorney with Philadelphia law firm Laffey, Bucci & Kent, and former prosecutor in the Bill Cosby case called Furia Rubel, we were prepared to support him with high profile litigation publicity. With only 48 hours to prepare before the sentencing, Furia Rubel kicked into high gear to garner significant media coverage including an appearance on Good Morning America and the Associated Press. The agency achieved remarkable results reaching an audience of approximately 700 million people.
  • We have handled crisis communications and media relations in multiple death penalty cases.

Litigation communications and trial publicity matters. If you are looking to protect your law firm or your company’s best interest, to avoid litigation when possible, or to be seen in the best light when litigation happens, now is the time to contact Furia Rubel.

In addition, check out On Record PR, a podcast sponsored by Furia Rubel which addresses business management issues, media relations, and leadership opportunities. If you’re interested in media training, take time to listen to the interviews with today’s journalists.

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