Commitment to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Antiracism

Antiracism and anti-discrimination is the policy or practice of proactively opposing and not tolerating racism and discrimination and promoting equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging. We commit to maintaining an environment where all employees, consultants, clients, partners, and friends, regardless of gender identity, race, color, sexual orientation, language, national origin, religion, disability, or age, know they are valued.

We acknowledge that racism and discrimination can be unconscious, implicit, or unintentional and identifying racism as an issue does not automatically mean those involved in the act are racist or intended the negative impact. As an antiracism and anti-discrimination organization we purposefully identify, discuss and challenge issues of equity, diversity, inclusion and racism and the impacts they have on the organization, internal and external stakeholders, and the greater community.

Our goal is to create and maintain an environment where everyone feels safe to live and discuss their gender identity, race, color, sexual orientation, language, national origin, religion, disability, or age and the importance each has on our organization and our lives outside of work.

Furia Rubel is deeply committed to and will continue to purposefully discuss and deepen our knowledge, understanding, and commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, and antiracism. We strive every day to do better and to be better at our equity, diversity, inclusion, and antiracism efforts to foster an authentic sense of belonging for all.

Diversity Action Alliance Member

The Diversity Action Alliance is a coalition of public relations and communications leaders joining forces to accelerate progress in the achievement of meaningful and tangible results in diversity, equity and inclusion across our profession. We bring together leaders of the world’s top public relations organizations in pursuit of an urgent and critically essential goal: to achieve continuous improvement for under-represented groups as measured by recruitment, retention and representation in management.

The Diversity Action Alliance will:
‍• Drive high-impact change toward shared goals
• Measure the profession’s progress with consistent, comprehensive metrics
• Provide regular progress reports to our stakeholders

Furia Rubel is committed to doing its part as a member of the Diversity Action Alliance. We will work to provide content, experiences and communications that represent and authentically connect with the diverse America we seek to engage. The way to ensure we’re doing this is to have diverse perspectives and voices at the table. The representation in the room must mirror the markets and the people we serve. With ethics and integrity at the core of what we do, this is a moral imperative and much as it is a business one.

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity & Anti-Racism Resources

As we learn more, embrace more, accept more and engage more authentically, we can do more, and do better. At Furia Rubel, we continue to listen, learn and grow. We are learning and evolving together and provide these tools for everyone to join us in our journey to a more diverse, inclusive, equal, just and anti-racist society. Please visit our Diversity, Inclusion, Equity & Anti-Racism Resource Center.