S.T.R.I.D.E. — Structured Training and Resources for Innovation, Differentiation and Effectiveness

In the increasingly competitive legal market, law firms face constant challenges ranging from heightened competition for work to evolving client expectations to the ongoing struggle to retain top legal talent.

To thrive in this dynamic environment, law firms must continually innovate, differentiate themselves, and showcase their value proposition to clients. Clients are raising the bar, demanding greater value, efficiency, and transparency from their legal service providers. This shift in expectations has led to the emergence of alternative fee arrangements, enhanced collaboration through technology, and a heightened focus on client-centric service delivery.

Through tailored insights and strategic direction, our international faculty assists law firms in identifying opportunities for innovation, differentiation, and effectiveness. Our faculty is comprised of elite legal industry leaders, from licensed attorneys and former litigators to former reporters and editors to former in-house marketing and business professionals who have led strategy at Am Law 100, Am Law 200, and Magic Circle law firms. With our counsel, law firms can navigate challenges with confidence and foresight.

Every strategy is customized to align with in-house counsel’s shifting priorities, ensuring that firms remain responsive to client needs. With proactive planning and strategic counsel, law firms can navigate present challenges and thrive and succeed in the dynamic legal landscape of tomorrow.

The following are examples of proprietary S.T.R.I.D.E. services – Structured Training and Resources for Innovation, Differentiation and Effectiveness – that our faculty has employed with proven success to support clients.



“I so enjoyed and benefited from the workshop! It was one of the best events we have ever had. Gina and Jennifer have a superb talent in communicating vital information to us resistant lawyers! I’m reading through all the materials, but may take the liberty of asking follow up questions in due course!”
~ Partner, Czech Republic-based International Law Firm

“I really found the session interesting and of value. I appreciated you sharing your insights.”
~ Head of Marketing, Top 5 UK-Based International Law Firm


The diagnostic will consist of an analysis that identifies challenges and inefficiencies within a law firm’s client & market-facing activities and provide opportunities and recommendations for improvement and growth. The diagnostic is intended to be conducted in person over a brief period, such as 2 – 4 business days, depending upon the goals and the size of the firm. The diagnostic process will entail the following steps:
• Brief review of online presence
• In-person meetings with key stakeholders including members of the marketing department, C-level executives, managing partners, and executive committee members
• A review of specific marketing or business processes that support the firm’s goals
• Presentation to key stakeholders to share findings including challenges and inefficiencies, themes, opportunities for improvement and growth, and recommended solutions



Strategic Marketing and Communications Assessment and Plan

Assessments support law firms in creating a clear plan for strategic marketing and communications in various stages of growth, repositioning, and business development. The assessment will result in a comprehensive and customized plan that utilizes integrated communications strategies and tactics. The process includes:

  • Interviews of project stakeholders to align project objectives and desired outcomes
  • Competitor research
  • Assessment of digital channels and website
  • Assessment of traditional media channels
  • Review of current marketing collateral
  • Creation of a detailed strategic communications plan with defined tactics to achieve objectives



“We engaged Furia Rubel to conduct a communications assessment and create a strategic communications plan. I was very impressed by the professionalism and diligence of the entire team. They took the time necessary to understand our mission and purpose and were well-informed. What started as a single project evolved into a relationship that will continue to benefit our members into the future. We are fortunate to have found Furia Rubel.”
~ Executive Director, an American real estate trade association



Training Programs

Training programs are highly customized to address the unique needs and specific challenges of a law firm or practice/industry group, usually identified through a diagnostic. Training will be tailored to address specific challenges faced by participants, incorporate industry-specific examples, and align with organizational goals. Training programs are presented in-person or virtually.

Current Training Offerings

  • Generative AI in Law Overview
  • Generative AI Use Policy Development and Implementation
  • Media Training for Lawyers and Law Firm Leaders
  • LinkedIn Training for Lawyers and Law Firm Leaders
  • Driving Engagement and Impact Through Employee Advocacy
  • Public Relations Training
      • For Lawyers
      • For Business Services
      • For Management
  • Crisis Communications Planning and Implementation



“Thank you so much for your time and for conducting media training. Your messaging and advice could not have been more on point. We appreciate the attention to detail you put into the training, your wealth of knowledge, and your advice. We appreciate working with Furia Rubel on this important training and look forward to working with you again.”
~ Head of Marketing, Mid-Size Regional U.S. Law Firm

“Your presentation was perfect and I have received several positive comments. We so appreciate you taking the time to share your valuable insight with our lawyers.”
~ Director of Marketing, Mid-Size U.S. Law Firm



Workshops are intended to educate a broad audience on general concepts and skills applicable across various positions, experience levels, and practice or industry focus (such as a law firm’s annual partner meeting, an association event, etc.). Workshops are held in person or virtually.

Current Workshop Offerings:

  • Public Speaking
  • Every day Public Relations
      • For Lawyers
      • For Business Services
      • For Management
  • LinkedIn
    • Building Your Professional Brand with an Impactful LinkedIn Profile
    • Supercharge Your LinkedIn Engagement for Client Retention and Acquisition
  • Crisis Communications



“It was a real pleasure meeting you and I did find the marketing workshop particularly interesting and helpful!”
~ Associate Partner, Cyprus-based Law Firm

“The workshop was truly the standout event at the conference. You made us lawyers think from a different perspective!”
~ Partner, Czech Republic-based International Law Firm


Public Relations Foundation

This four-month engagement leverages the agency’s core public relations services to help law firms and small in-house marketing departments create a solid foundation for self-managing basic public relations. The timeline and deliverables include:

Month 1: Public Relations Assessment

  • Kickoff call
  • Interview with key stakeholder(s)
  • Review all current PR materials and processes
  • Prepare and present PR recommendations

Month 2: Key Target Media

  • Identify outlets, reporters and influencers that align with your business objectives and target audiences
  • Evaluate the credibility, reputation and reach of each
  • Present a carefully curated list of key target media

Month 3:  Custom Public Relations Templates

  • Prepare a tailored press release template
  • Draft custom boilerplate
  • Prepare media pitching template
  • Prepare a firm media kit
  • Prepare draft LinkedIn posts with best practices
  • Prepare public relations policy

Month 4: Custom Media Training

  • Present a custom 90-minute media training for a maximum of 5 spokespersons
  • Provide key takeaways and session materials



“Thank you also for the great workshop!”
~ Head of Marketing, Frankfurt-based International Firm

“I very much enjoyed the workshop.”
~ Head of Marketing, Leading Hungarian Law Firm



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