We are grateful to every client who has taken time to acknowledge the work and service Furia Rubel provides. Much like media coverage is perceived as more trustworthy than paid advertisements, a client’s testimonial is more powerful than anything we can say about ourselves. If you are considering Furia Rubel for marketing, public relations, or crisis support, please read what others have to say.

Due to their strategic thinking, creativity and ability to connect the dots, the roll out and implementation of our campaign was a huge success nationwide.

The new website…enhances the quality and quantity of information available to…visitors while featuring an improved colorful design and integrating social media.

The Communications Assessment and Plan has been great for us as a staff and is extremely valuable and has opened a lot of doors.

Such personalized and dedicated service is refreshing (and unusual) and I truly feel that the agency is invested in our success.

Our firm has achieved a much greater amount of public awareness which we could not have achieved without Furia Rubel’s relationships and expertise.

I enjoyed working with the Furia Rubel team and appreciate your prompt responses to my questions and requests.

…the agency is well respected among AmLaw list marketers in Philadelphia and beyond. I have never been so impressed with a marketing partner’s integrity.

Furia Rubel is a best-in-class public relations agency for law firms.

With the help of Furia Rubel, we were able get out the message that was most important to our client.

I highly recommend Furia Rubel as a marketing, public relations and crisis communications partner. They are the best marketing investment we have ever made.

The team is consistently professional, hard-working, innovative and a pleasure to know.

The best business advice I received when I started my law firm was from Gina Rubel. It’s as simple as that.

They have never disappointed and her team delivers….Furia Rubel’s track record of success and an excellent ROI speaks volumes.

I have no doubt that with Furia Rubel’s help, High Swartz will continue to grow and flourish as one of Montgomery and Bucks Counties’ preeminent law firms.

Because of Furia Rubel, our law firm’s PR exposure exceeded our expectations and positioned Klehr Harrison in exactly the light we intended.

I cannot say how lucky I was to find the perfect partner in Furia Rubel for a case that involved local, national, and international media coverage and required precise communications advice with an extraordinarily quick turn-around.

From our initial request for a proposal to the completed project, they were attentive, proactive and always looking out for our best interests…

Originally, we brought Furia Rubel on board to assist our firm with our PR. However, we have discovered the added benefit of the strategic counsel Furia Rubel provides at a high-level, as well as confidential, manner.

The Mercer Museum was very pleased with the media coverage resulting in an impressive 2,100 percent return on our investment.

Furia Rubel garnered more than 8 million media impressions with every major local network covering our press conference.

The new brand and materials that Furia Rubel developed are a reflection of our dedication and commitment to the individuals we serve.

Gina and her team did a great job assisting us with some content rewrites as we were rolling out a new website. The team is extremely well organized, thoughtful, and cognizant of the many competing priorities affecting my ability to stay plugged in at any given moment, and I continue to be immensely grateful for their top-notch support.

Furia Rubel worked tirelessly in supporting the mall staff and local agencies with strategic media training and relations counsel.

Their team of professionals carefully crafted our strategic plan then designed and launched our new website, which has already brought new business to the firm.

Their thorough review of every aspect of our rebranding project shined right through. We feel cared for by their services because of the care they take with their work.

Their depth of knowledge and experience in legal industry communications has proven to be an enormous benefit to the Bar Foundation.

We have been extremely satisfied with Furia Rubel’s ability to provide us with a large volume of consistent, intelligent content for our website and blogs.

They understand the nuances of ethical communications for law firms and provide practical, strategic and sound communications counsel.

…we knew we could rely on Furia Rubel again to ensure that that message was delivered across the area and was heard loud and clear.

We were able to accomplish so much in such a short period of time with Furia Rubel’s help.

I appreciate your jumping in [to handle crisis planning and management] with the client matter—and quickly. You did an extraordinary job for them and I know they recognized and appreciated your talents.

With their very able expertise, we launched a new website that received rave reviews and, directly resulted in new business.