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Behavioral Health Care Marketing & Public Relations

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery is committed to helping individuals and their families select effective and hopeful behavioral health and co-occurring services. The organization blends residential living with individualized recovery treatment and counseling, providing an array of residential options.

In an effort to expand their footprint and provide behavioral health care services to more people, the organization retained Furia Rubel to assist with behavioral health care marketing & public relations efforts.


Average quarterly new website sessions since Jan. 2015 launch


Average quarterly new website user since Jan. 2015 launch

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Behavioral Health Care Marketing & Public Relations

Early in the agency’s relationship, Furia Rubel assisted the organization with renaming and rebranding from TCR Respite to New Vitae Wellness and Recovery, based on comprehensive research and analysis of the brand and key messages. Once the new brand was launched along with a new website and collateral material, Furia Rubel assisted with additional growth efforts.

Recognizing that New Vitae Wellness and Recovery was diverse in both its offerings and its locations, Furia Rubel developed sub-brands designed to convey the organization’s uniqueness while fitting under the overall New Vitae Wellness and Recovery arch.

A website, public relations campaign, and corresponding marketing collateral were created to support each of the company’s specializations. The result is a multipronged go-to-market strategy that maintains a single overall brand message.

New Vitae introduced new video content in 2017 designed to further educate their audiences on the specialized services they offer. Furia Rubel assisted New Vitae with creating an integrated communications strategy to incorporate the videos into their SEO marketing efforts, including a re-designed resources page, YouTube channel, and social media sharing.

Joan Muth, marketing coordinator for New Vitae Wellness and Recovery, says, “The new brand and materials that Furia Rubel developed are a reflection of our dedication and commitment to the individuals we serve. Furia Rubel understands our fundamental principles and core values and has provided strategic guidance and supporting materials that work to raise awareness with the public about New Vitae, mental illness, and behavioral health services overall. We are proud to work with their agency.”

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Known in the behavioral health care field for more than 30 years as TriCounty Respite, the organization rebranded as New Vitae Wellness & Recovery in 2015. Furia Rubel designed the new brand and strategized the communications for the rebranding. The award-winning brand better reflects New Vitae’s full range of integrated behavioral health care and supportive residential services. Used consistently and throughout New Vitae’s marketing materials, the brand is one of the most valuable assets for visibility and awareness in the community that New Vitae serves.

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery’s website suffered from being out-of-date and lacking functionality. In order to accurately reflect New Vitae Wellness and Recovery’s culture, commitment, professionalism and values to its audiences, the website was updated with a user-friendly design that incorporates the new brand and focuses on the needs of target audiences. It includes modern features and functionality with a version optimized for small screen / mobile phone browsing.

Furia Rubel created a public relations and marketing strategy for New Vitae with the primary goal of augmenting and expanding the number of touch points between target audiences and New Vitae in order to build brand awareness and referrals. Furia Rubel has used the following tactics to achieve this goal: event marketing, email marketing, advertising, and branded materials such as, rack cards, promotional items and banner stands. Each deliverable is guided by New Vitae’s brand standard and provides more information about the organization’s services to the general public.