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As technology advances, financial services and financial institutions must evolve and grow rapidly. It is imperative to develop and implement a strategy for communicating these advances before the next one arrives. Furia Rubel is a provider of marketing, communications and PR services for national and regional banks, insurance providers, financial advisors, and lenders that depend upon our ability to move quickly and efficiently without missing a beat.

Since the Recession of 2008, the financial services industry has changed drastically. Consumers need financial institutions that they can trust, and Furia Rubel can help communicate your institution’s integrity and value to its target audiences.

The current banking environment demands a switch in marketing and public relations focus from a product-centric approach to a customer-centric approach. A customer-centric approach requires banks to identify customers’ needs and concerns and then develop messaging and follow-through that addresses them.

Meeting those needs well by providing excellent customer service is not a new strategy. Furthermore, it is important to know how current events affect customer sentiment, how customers prioritize their needs, and how they expect banks to meet them.

Retail and business customers want increased security, innovative technologies, and personal service.

An Ernst & Young study identified the 10 most important features retail and business banking customers seek from financial service providers (see table, right). Taken together, these equal “trust,” which can be cultivated only through a satisfying relationship. In addition, according to the EY study, one of the most important features of a good banking experience is “a good reputation.” A good reputation for doing what? For delivering on your promise.  Similar studies confirm the Ernst & Young findings.

One such survey, a TD Bank poll of 1,500 consumers, asked about preferences in an effort to understand what constitutes a good banking experience.

It is noteworthy that the survey probes consumers’ feelings on a personal level to demonstrate how banks can become solutions to real-life problems. What is interesting about this data is the emotional connection between customers and their banks.

Bank brands are not products — strategic PR and marketing for banks is imperative

Brands are perceptions, imbued with emotion and shaped by communications to elicit a response. A bank brand is like a fingerprint: unique. Or, at least, it should be. No two should be alike. At Furia Rubel, we help our clients to discover their unique identity, the qualities that set them apart and differentiate them from all others. We follow a rigorous discovery process from research and development to design and definition of brand’s standards. This includes a comprehensive exploration of the bank’s offerings, target audience, heritage and culture.

We work with our clients to ensure legal compliance with respect to industry standards and intellectual property. We align the brand with your core values, mission and vision while we explore and evaluate appropriate channels and platforms. We help you develop and refine the mark and the message and create standards that protect its integrity.

Furia Rubel public relations and marketing for banks, accounting firms, wealth investment advisors, insurance agencies, and other financial services providers has been successful providing communication services. We:

  • Implement media relations plans that garner significant coverage and grow brand visibility in your key markets
  • Create and execute public relations plans that help increase your customer base and position the business’ executives as thought leaders
  • Develop employee and internal communications
  • Strategize and build comprehensive communication plans surrounding bank mergers and acquisitions that covers internal and external outreach
  • Create, manage and execute crisis communications plans
  • Execute brand development, design rebranded collateral materials, and introduce new brands to key audiences with a strategic marketing plan

The relationship consumers develop with a bank or other financial service provider is based on the experience the institution and its representatives provide. It is important to establish a positive connection with the customer  because being happy with the bank, accountant or financial service provider can serve as a solid foundation to build a more confident and secure financial future. The personal connection customers pursue cannot be underestimated.

If your financial services company is looking to up its game with marketing and public relations that drive business success, now is the time to contact Furia Rubel.

In addition, check out On Record PR, a podcast sponsored by Furia Rubel which addresses business management issues, media relations, and leadership opportunities. If you’re interested in public relations or media training, take time to listen to the interviews with today’s journalists.

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