Communication Advisory Services

At Furia Rubel, we work with clients to provide Communication Advisory Services when clients face a crossroads in their business. Sometimes, crossroads are planned and other times, they come out of the blue. Our expert strategic planners provide sound counsel and advice by evaluating the situation, understanding your business objectives, conducting a SWOT analysis when necessary, evaluating the industry landscape, and addressing those sensitive issues and growth opportunities. As a communication advisory service client, we will provide you with an outline and options for the best strategies and tactics for each situation.

Effective organizational communication is arguably more important than ever in today’s environment of 24/7/365 media, characterized by constant change and uncertainty. Furia Rubel helps C-suite executives, business leaders, executive directors, chief marketing officers, and other business leaders to improve and accelerate their impact on business outcomes. Business leaders are under constant pressure to influence stakeholder perceptions and behaviors to drive business outcomes. Stakeholders include every audience touched by a company, internal and external, including staff, clients, prospects, referral sources, third-party partners, media, government officials and policymakers, and the public.

For nearly two decades, Furia Rubel’s strategists have helped clients to capitalize on myriad opportunities, to minimize risks, and to solve problems related to reputation and public perception.

Challenges and opportunities for which we have a depth of experience include:

  • Practice area and industry-focused services for professional service clients
  • Board of directors engagement of existing members and identifying new members
  • Corporate positioning or repositioning
  • Corporate social responsibility program planning
  • Crisis communication and incident response planning, management and training, including table-top exercises
  • Cybersecurity breach response planning
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion message management
  • Downsizing, consolidation and convergence communications
  • Employee engagement (i.e., capitalizing on internal talent for marketing, public relations and social media)
  • Internal communications to maintain or regain employee trust
  • International and cross-boarder communications
  • Litigation communications and media strategy
  • Membership organization elections such as bar associations and affinity groups
  • Merger and acquisition communications to internal and external audiences
  • Mission, vision and values alignment, re-alignment and communication
  • Natural disaster incident response planning and management
  • Pandemic management within an organization
  • Podcast planning, production and management
  • Reputation management when the client is caught in the media crossfire
  • Talent acquisition and retention communications strategies
  • Talent engagement strategies for limited budgets such as nonprofit communications

Furia Rubel’s Communication Advisory Services include:

In addition to our communication advisory services, Furia Rubel provides a one-stop liaison service to support your overall business objectives through various forms of marketing and corporate communications. As a full-service agency, we provide:

Our advisory services and insights address the challenges and topics our clients deem most important. We help you and your team save time, identify new ways of addressing opportunities and challenges, and make better decisions that impact your day-to-day activities as well as long-term strategic initiatives.

We are here to help you and will customize our deliverables to your corporate needs.

Here is what our clients have to say:

“I contacted Furia Rubel about a marketing RFP for a small non-profit. They provided valuable marketing strategy and ideas that we will pursue. Their time and suggestions are invaluable. They understand the value of relationships. I have no hesitation in recommending Furia Rubel Communications.”
– Jeff Gilmore, New Britain Civic Association

“Originally, we brought Furia Rubel on board to assist our law firm with public relations. However, we have discovered the added benefit of the strategic counsel Furia Rubel provides at a high-level, as well as confidential, manner. We have tapped into Furia Rubel’s marketing services to assist with practice group positioning, attorney website and LinkedIn bios. As the head of the business development and marketing for my firm it is important that the PR firm be an extension of my team. I need someone I can trust. I need someone in whom I can confide. And I need someone who can invoke confidence and trust amongst my leadership. Furia Rubel does all of this and more.”
– Heather Morse, McGlinchey Stafford

“We engaged Furia Rubel to conduct a communications assessment and create a strategic communications plan. I was very impressed by the professionalism and diligence of the entire team. They took the time necessary to understand our mission and purpose and were well-informed. What started as a single project evolved into a relationship that will continue to benefit our members into the future. We are fortunate to have found Furia Rubel.”
– Pam Croke, Bucks County Association of Realtors

“When my business partner and I first opened our law firm, we needed help developing our brand, creating a website, finding our niche and solidifying our identity and image. We chose Furia Rubel because they were uniquely suited to provide these services to a business like ours. We had very high hopes and expectations all of which they exceeded. Hiring them was the biggest financial investment we made as a new law firm, and it was unquestionably worth it. It took just under six months for the website development and branding services to pay for themselves, and they went on to be the single biggest revenue drivers for our firm in the years to come. Hiring Furia Rubel was the first great decision we made as a firm and it set us on the path of growth and success that we had only dreamed of when we first started out. They have earned my greatest respect and gratitude, as well as my strongest professional endorsement.”
– Josh Kershenbaum, Esq.

“The best business advice I received when I started my law firm was from Gina Rubel. It is as simple as that.”
– Krista Harper, Harper Business Law

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