The Importance of Strategic Planning

Furia Rubel employs a multi-faceted approach to strategic planning for integrated marketing and advertising, branding and rebranding, public relations, content marketing, crisis communications and social media engagement. Strategic planning is vital for the forward momentum and growth of business. We make sure that the process is a smooth one by implementing a focused approach that includes an in-depth communications assessment with key players, careful evaluation of goals and objectives, identifying target audiences and developing a comprehensive and customized plan that utilizes integrated communications strategies and tactics.

What is strategic planning in public relations and marketing?

Strategic Planning Assessment

Our marketing and public relations experts conduct an in-depth communications assessment with all of our clients’ key stakeholders. Through the assessment process, we:

  • Identify business objectives
  • Explore marketing objectives
  • Determine budget parameters
  • Asses past communication successes
  • Determine clients’ definition of success

Strategic Planning Research

After the assessment, we conduct relevant research in order to develop the most viable and measurable communications plan. Research may include:

  • Analytics reports and analysis
  • Best practices analysis
  • Brand analysis
  • Budget analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Focus groups
  • Market research
  • W.O.T. analysis
  • Social media engagement analysis
  • Surveys
  • Target audience and geographic footprint identification

Strategic Plan Development

We then develop a comprehensive plan that will meet our clients’ objectives utilizing a myriad of integrated communications strategies and tactics. The list of potential strategies and tactics is endless. Examples include:

Strategic Plan Measurement | Benchmarks and KPIs

  • Awareness and acceptance
  • Content readership, open rates, sharing and engagement
  • Lead generation and conversions
  • Media monitoring, impressions, reach and engagement
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Share of voice benchmarks
  • Social media engagement, sharing, impact and ROI
  • Website engagement, visits, outcomes and conversations

Plans matter. If you are looking to up your game and generate more business, now is the time to contact Furia Rubel for marketing and public relations strategic plans that drive business success.

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