Communicating Through Mergers & Acquisitions

Furia Rubel understands that a solid communications plan is critical during mergers & acquisitions. The success of an M&A plan depends upon the desire of the organization to provide timely and accurate information to internal and external audiences while building and maintaining trust.

Our agency delivers comprehensive merger and acquisition communications strategies that address every stage of an M&A life cycle from pre-deal planning and the letter of intent to post-merger implementation and integration.

We focus on strategic and integrated tactics to ensure solid positioning of our clients’ M&A, a seamless internal assimilation process, and a proactive issues management plan which portrays and compliments the new merged organization.

An effective merger and acquisition communication plan should include all stakeholders. While the initial information may be the same for all parties, over time it is necessary to tailor messages to specific audiences. Providing timely and accurate information during the M&A process is critical.

 Mergers & Acquisitions Services

If you’re not in control of the message, you may become vulnerable to speculation and rumor. During the mergers & acquisitions process, we develop and execute strategic communication programs that provide measurable results. Moreover, our proven M&A strategies and approach have helped our clients to manage the internal and external messages and deliverables in order to secure positive media coverage, and retain and acquire employees and clients.

Half of all M&A deals fail. Don’t be another statistic. Plan for your company’s merger and acquisitions wisely and know that the communications begin well before the M&A is announced and continue for years after the unification.

Perception of your business matters. If you are looking to up your game and strategically plan how to communicate your firm’s M&A to drive business success, now is the time to contact Furia Rubel.

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