From conception to completion, we collaborate, communicate, and deliver exceptional marketing and public relations services

Over the course of each client relationship, Furia Rubel’s strategic marketing and public relations teams listen well, asks probing questions, and employ our broad experience to ensure that we fully understand the client’s unique situation, its principles, and its operations. In concert with the client, we come up with a plan of action, the roles, and division of responsibilities between Furia Rubel and the client. We have the ability and resources to act as the full-service agency of record or we can provide specific deliverables and support the client’s in-house marketing team.

The first step to marketing, public relations and crisis communications is a strategic plan

At the outset of every client engagement, Furia Rubel conducts a communication assessment to define or refine our client’s STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES. Assessments can be formal through a combination of questionnaires and interviews, with the format customized for each client, or a bit less formal depending on the client’s communication preference. Concurrently, we evaluate our client’s current marketing and public relations investments and brand assets, so we may determine how best to leverage them in achieving the client’s overall goals. Since well-begun is half done, we don’t give short shrift to this critical assessment phase.

The information gathered during the assessment phase helps us to analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats our clients face. We then DEVELOP AND DESIGN a strategic branding, marketing, public relations and/or awareness plan that identifies the client’s most important target audiences, outlines the relevant key messages, and recommends the tactics most likely to reach those audiences and move them to action successfully.

The INTEGRATED COMMUNICATIONS PLAN considers the strategies and tactics the client is already using and supplements them with additional or expanded opportunities. It provides for the use of branding, advertising, public relations, content creation and distribution, marketing, and digital communication tools, as appropriate to the client’s situation.

Furia Rubel then DELIVERS the blueprint for the strategic plan to the client and customizes it with the client’s input.

Careful, systematic and measurable implementation of marketing, public relations and crisis communication plans

Once the plan is approved, Furia Rubel’s marketing and public relations experts IMPLEMENT the plan.

We work in concert with each client, striving daily to deepen the relationship through open communications, respect and collaboration – a consultative approach that has created profound loyalty among our long-term clients.

During the implementation phase, Furia Rubel communicates with each client regularly. We also determine the best methods to MEASURE each tactic to determine whether the results are helping to meet the company’s overall marketing goals.

Through data analysis and ongoing research, Furia Rubel continually provides reports and recommendations to REFINE each tactic to increase positive outcomes and accomplish the client’s desired key performance indicators (KPIs) and return on investment (ROI).

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