Content MarketingWhat is Content Marketing? 

We are often asked this question. Content marketing involves the creation of strategic, audience-focused materials that can be shared online. The key to excellent content is making sure it is something of value to your target audience. And why does value matter when it comes to content marketing? Because you want people to view your content and say, “That’s important information and worth sharing with my contacts.”

Valuable content that is shared by your audience helps to create awareness, develop thought leadership, and establish trust.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, content strategy considers an organization’s content holistically and shapes the way that body of content influences people’s experiences with the brand. Content marketing strategy determines what content will build the customer base by helping people make decisions at various points in their experience with the brand. A strategic content marketing strategy also takes search engine optimization and share-ability into consideration.

It is important to leverage content within an integrated communications strategy and plan:

  • Unify brand communications and leverage content to support your business objective
  • Measure and evaluate data to refine your content strategy
  • Support and communicate your firm’s key messages
  • Speak directly to the needs of your target audience

Types of Content Produced by Furia Rubel

At Furia Rubel, we value content in both volume and depth. Content marketing helps reach prospects on at all stages of the buyer’s journey and pulls them in to learn more about the products and services you have to offer.

We create, manage and distribute valuable, share-worthy content that is on-brand, consistent and sought after by your target audience, while also driving profitable business within and between industries.

Content matters. If you are looking to up your game and generate more business, now is the time to contact Furia Rubel for content marketing that drives business success.

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