Law Firm Content Writing: Attorney Bios, Practice Areas and Industry Group Descriptions

When Furia Rubel is retained by a law firm to support their overall legal marketing efforts with writing services, the agency’s law firm content writing services come from decades of experience. We have served law firm clients of all sizes, from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts, and with offices internationally. Founded and managed by a licensed attorney and communications strategist, Gina Rubel, the agency’s team understands how to reach and engage busy lawyers and how to support law firm marketing and business development departments. More importantly, we niche in the legal industry and understand how law firm clients and prospects make purchasing decisions. Furia Rubel is an integrated and strategic marketing, public relations and crisis management agency deeply experienced at helping law firm clients create strategies and execute tactics that meet their objectives. This often includes law firm content writing for attorney biographies and practice area descriptions. Furia Rubel’s law firm content writing services include:

Standard Attorney Bio, Practice Area and Industry Group Writing Services

Under the Standard Attorney Bio and Practice Area Writing Services, Furia Rubel will work with the law firm to determine the content that needs to be written or re-written with a focus on client retention, client acquisition and client value.

For attorney bios, the agency will provide customized attorney questionnaires for each attorney to complete and then provide a draft biography utilizing industry best practices and a law firm-supplied template.

For practice areas and industry groups, the agency will provide customized questionnaires for the law firm to complete and then the agency will provide a draft practice area utilizing industry best practices.

Empowered Attorney Bio, Practice Area and Industry Group Writing Services

Under the Empowered Bio, Practice Area and Industry Group Writing Services, Furia Rubel will conduct a webinar for all law firm participants addressing the importance of attorney bios, practice areas and industry groups, and strategies to maximize the writing process with Furia Rubel.

After the webinar, the agency will host virtual meetings with each attorney, the law firm marketing department and/or practice group and industry group chairs. Upon completion of the one-on-one interviews, Furia Rubel will draft the content utilizing industry best practices.

Concierge Attorney Bio, Practice Area and Industry Group Writing Services 

Under the Concierge Attorney Bio, Practice Area and Industry Group Writing Services, Furia Rubel will provide all the services in the Empowered Attorney option along with concierge-level service for the length of the contract including:

  • Unlimited personal one-on-one virtual meetings per lawyer or practice area / industry group chair
  • Phone or email support for future content updates
  • A draft of each attorney’s LinkedIn biography including the headline, position, and about text
  • A virtual webinar for an unlimited number of law firm participants regarding strategies and best practices to maintain and update bios and practice area descriptions over time

Additional Law Firm Content Writing Services

In addition to attorney bios, practice area descriptions, and industry group descriptions, Furia Rubel provides law firm clients with draft copy for full website upgrades, redesigned websites, RFP responses, content marketing efforts such as blogs, articles and white papers, and much more.

If your law firm is seeking bulk content writing services, please contact us for a personalized quote. No two law firms are the same and much like legal matters, our proposals are based on the value we deliver, our unique expertise in the legal marketing space, and your law firm’s needs.

If you are looking to up your online game and have more success with your law firm’s marketing efforts, now is the time to contact Furia Rubel.

In addition, check out On Record PR, a podcast sponsored by Furia Rubel which addresses legal marketing and law practice management issues, media relations, and law firm leadership opportunities.