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Montgomery County Law Firm Marketing & PR

A full-service law firm with offices in the Philadelphia suburbs of Bucks and Montgomery counties, High Swartz LLP extends its reach throughout Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and the Mid-Atlantic states. It offers a broad range of legal services, from business and corporate law to family law, trusts and estates, and more. High Swartz retained Furia Rubel to handled Montgomery County law firm marketing & PR. The agency drafted and executed a communications plan to announce the law firm’s merger with another firm in Bucks County. The Furia Rubel team implemented a classic SMART approach to marketing communications, outlining a strategy and tactics that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-specific. The team continued to use that approach in its ongoing representation of High Swartz as agency of record.

High Swartz Merger Cover Story

High Swartz Merger Cover Story

Furia Rubel professionals consistently go the extra mile...

4.1 Million +

Print media impressions over 18 months, valued at $205,000


Print media placements over 18 months


Average eNewsletter open rate with 43% as the highest open rate and 26.75% as the highest click through rate

Our Deliverables

Montgomery County Law Firm Marketing & PR

Furia Rubel crafted and executed a detailed PR and marketing communication plan that positions High Swartz as a leading law firm in the greater Philadelphia area, with the goal of retaining existing clients and acquiring new ones.

As part of the merger communications, the Furia Rubel team established a standard brand for High Swartz, utilizing a marble pillar as a cornerstone image. The use of this strong imagery helps convey the consistency, strengths, and values that High Swartz delivers to its clients.

Furia Rubel regularly issued press releases regarding the firm’s awards, client news and case outcomes, new hires, and more, and worked with individual lawyers to pitch them as sources to the media. This high level of PR activity helps to maintain strong top-of-mind awareness of High Swartz among its audiences, including news organizations, the general public, and referral sources.

Marketing deliverables included frequent firm and practice group specific e-newsletters that highlight the firm’s activities and drive traffic back to the firm’s website, through the use of SEO best practices.

Joel D. Rosen, Esq., managing partner of High Swartz, credited much of the success of the merger’s communications plan to Furia Rubel’s strategic counsel.

“The positive publicity we received in response to the merger, from clients, judges, and peers, was remarkable,” Rosen said. “Furia Rubel assisted High Swartz in designing a message addressing all of the audiences that were affected by the merger. Post-merger, they have continued to work with High Swartz to tailor a marketing and public relations plan, even going so far as to help mentor our young marketing professional.

“Furia Rubel professionals consistently go the extra mile,” Rosen continued. “They have made it clear that the success of High Swartz is their ultimate goal, and all action plans are undertaken with that goal in mind. I have no doubt that with Furia Rubel’s help, High Swartz will continue to grow and flourish as one of Montgomery and Bucks counties’ preeminent law firms.”

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