Website Development Project Management

Marketing teams are busy. Attorneys are focused on clients. Website projects require attention to detail, experience and focus while managing the various roles and responsibilities of all parties. It is no wonder then, that many organizations struggle to get website redesign projects over the finish line on time and within budget.

The expert team at Furia Rubel knows the common hurdles clients face in the website design, redesign and development process and how to structure a project from the beginning to minimize surprises and delays. Our agency serves clients in website project management from planning, organizing, and coordinating the development of a website from start to finish. In this role, the agency works with designers, developers, content creators, IT and other professionals to ensure that the project is completed on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Selecting a Website Development Service Provider
If clients have an existing relationship with a web development firm that they like and trust, our team will work with this provider to move a project through the stages of development, reviewing each deliverable for best practices, and ensuring that branding is on message. If a provider has not been identified, our support to clients begins with drafting a request for proposals (RFP). Each RFP is customized based on the specific requirements and needs of our client’s organization. When creating an RFP, our website project management team considers the purpose of the website, desired functionality, specific technical requirements, and integrations. At Furia Rubel, our team knows that the more detailed the RFP, the fewer surprises for our clients and service partners once the website project gets underway. The Furia Rubel team will field questions from providers as they prepare their proposals and will interview candidates under consideration.

The proposals submitted from service providers will vary in formatting and presentation. Our website project management team organizes these proposals in a way that allows our clients to compare them effectively and efficiently. This process allows our clients to make an informed evaluation of service providers and select the one that best meets their needs and budget.

Design Phase
Once the service provider has been selected, the next step in the project is the design phase. Our website project management team works collaboratively with designers to create a visually engaging layout that positions the organization competitively in its market. The website design plays a critical role in communicating your brand. Our team provides clients with expert design counsel based on a strong understanding of the intended audience and the organization’s business goals and best practices in online communication.

Website Navigation
Website navigation will also be addressed early in the project as it plays a crucial role in the user experience. Our team provides counsel based on the needs of users today, while preserving flexibility for our clients in the event that new pages or content areas are necessary at a later date.

With a site map and approved designs in hand, your development partner can begin the process of coding your site.  This is done in a staging environment which is a private online location where you will be able to review your website before it launches. As the development team completes each section of the site, our website project management team will review the sections for desired functionality and adherence to the specifications in the RFP.

Content Creation and Content Migration
Our website project management team will work with your website site developers to effectively migrate content, or track the creation and upload of new content. In this process, we will review and manage timelines in coordination with the development team to determine a cut over date and ensure that nothing gets missed.

Quality Assurance (QA)
Our team participates in the review of the completed website and works with developers and our clients to identify issues before launch.
If a website has complex functionality, such as sophisticated integrations our website project management team will request test scenarios from the development team and identify the appropriate stakeholders for participation in the QA process.

Planning for Launch
Like a theatre production, the website launch is a collective effort. To ensure that the launch goes smoothly, our website project management team ensures that all parties are aligned with responsibilities and timing. Our team works collaboratively with our client’s IT support to work through technology considerations (email, intranets, portals, etc…) to ensure they won’t be affected when the new site goes live.

Website redesign projects are as much of an exercise in project management as they are in diplomacy.  Our team has years of experience communicating with design professionals, technical specialists, marketers, and organizational stakeholders to align all parties around business objectives. We can provide the focus, expertise and project management services that remove this burden from your team and creates a foundation for a successful project.


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