The Challenge

Personal Injury Law Firm Advertising Campaign

The field of personal injury law is highly competitive. Standing out from the competition is a daily challenge, even for the most successful law firms.Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Cohen & Malad, LLP is one of those very successful plaintiffs firms. It prosecutes and defends class actions and other civil litigation in courts throughout the United States. Furia Rubel was hired to create a strategic personal injury law firm advertising campaign targeted at attorneys in the same market for referrals.

The Furia Rubel team worked quickly through this project and helped to keep us on deadline with the ad run we had previously planned. I would definitely recommend Furia Rubel to others.

Our Deliverables

Personal Injury Law Firm Advertising Campaign

Furia Rubel recommended, designed, and implemented a strategic awareness advertising campaign for Cohen & Malad, LLP. Comprising a series of attention-grabbing print advertisements. The personal injury law firm advertising campaign was designed to increase awareness of Cohen & Malad, LLP among prospective referring attorneys in the Indianapolis market.

Each advertisement featured a dramatic image and clever text to highlight Cohen & Malad’s ability to take on risky cases that other law firms might not attempt. One ad depicted an alligator about to bite someone’s hand and read, “What might be risky business for you is a standard day in the office for us.” Another, using the same text, depicted Little Red Riding Hood approaching the Big Bad Wolf. A third showed a young boy giving a thumbs-up sign with this bold headline: “Kicking A**. In mass torts and class actions, the little guys need us on their side.”

Law Firm Marketing Deliverables

Furia Rubel produced a strategic advertising campaign for Indianapolis-based personal injury firm Cohen & Malad, LLP aimed at increasing awareness of the firm among referring attorneys. The ads highlight the firm’s practice areas of complex litigation matters, including class actions and mass torts.

Although this advertisement was not selected for the final campaign, one of the firm’s attorneys loved the piece so much, he elected to have it printed and hung in their office, where it serves as a visual reminder of the firm’s championing of the little guy in court.