Comprehensive Strategic Assessment and Planning

Assessments support law firms in creating a clear plan for strategic marketing and communications in various stages of growth, repositioning, and business development. The assessment will result in a comprehensive and customized plan that utilizes integrated communications strategies and tactics. The process includes:

  • Interviews of project stakeholders to align project objectives and desired outcomes
  • Competitor research
  • Assessment of digital channels and website
  • Assessment of traditional media channels
  • Review of current marketing collateral
  • Creation of a detailed strategic communications plan with defined tactics to achieve objectives



“We engaged Furia Rubel to conduct a comprehensive communications assessment and develop a strategic communications plan with a three-year outlook. From the outset, Furia Rubel demonstrated expertise and professionalism. Their thorough strategic planning process involved a detailed analysis of our current communications efforts, stakeholder perceptions, and market positioning. Based on their findings, they crafted a strategic communications plan that aligned with our long-term business goals and vision.”
~ Director of Operations & Marketing at the BVI International Arbitration Centre

“We engaged Furia Rubel to conduct a communications assessment and create a strategic communications plan. I was very impressed by the professionalism and diligence of the entire team. They took the time necessary to understand our mission and purpose and were well-informed. What started as a single project evolved into a relationship that will continue to benefit our members into the future. We are fortunate to have found Furia Rubel.”
~ Executive Director, an American real estate trade association

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