The Challenge

Marketing Municipalities

The right image and marketing tagline for a government entity can be an economic game changer. For more than 40 years, “I Love New York” has been the clarion cry for travel, tourism, and conventions and meetings in New York City. Similarly, “Virginia Is for Lovers,” a slogan first introduced in 1969, is considered the absolute gold standard for government tourism and branding.Marketing municipalities requires a keen understanding of the target audience which includes residents, government officials, business owners, people who work in the community and tourists alike.

When the Township of Upper Providence in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (population: 10,000), needed assistance with a new logo and tagline, the team at Furia Rubel was up to the task.

Extensive research including community surveys and visitor outreach demonstrated that, established in 1805, the township is a place of character. With scenic waterways; miles of bucolic trails; thriving business districts; and safe, diverse residential communities, it’s a naturally beautiful place to live, work, learn, and play.

Furia Rubel is a pleasure to work with. They incorporate strategy and data into every recommendation, making the development and delivery of the township seal and tagline easy to convey to our audiences. The new seal has met with the approval of our community and gave new life to our township image.


Residents (out of 600+) approved of the new logo / brand


Community members responded to rebranding survey


Usage of new brand achieved in first year

Our Deliverables

Marketing Municipalities

Based on its research, Furia Rubel recommended the tagline “Rooted in history, growing in promise.” The tagline conveys a clear message of what the Township of Upper Providence is about:

For tourism: Emphasizing that the township is rooted in history helps convey to potential visitors that the township is a destination that should be on their itinerary.

For residents and commerce: Stating that the township is growing in promise helps tell businesses that the township is open for business and represents a place where a business can grow and prosper.

Understanding that the brand is much more than a logo, Furia Rubel also developed a new township seal, along with a brand standards manual. The Township of Upper Providence’s brand is the product of many different factors that create an overall impression of the municipality in people’s minds. The brand conveys the way that people think, feel, and respond when they think of the Township of Upper Providence in Montgomery County.

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