Reputation Crisis Management and What a Law Firm Can Do About It, Part II [Mid-Market Report]

In Part I of a two-part series on law firm reputation crisis management originally published by ALM’s Mid-Market Report and available for free with a 30-Day Trial subscription,  Gina Rubel says “it’s not if, but when a reputation crisis will strike.”

Among the types of incidents that can create cause for a law firm reputation crisis are the following:

  • Conflict of interest
  • Commingling of client funds
  • Cybersecurity and data breach
  • Declining revenue and decrease profits per partner reports
  • Death of firm leader
  • Law firm layoffs
  • Law firm leader imprudence
  • Lawyer embezzlement
  • Legal malpractice claims against the law firm and its lawyers
  • Natural disaster
  • Negative news stories
  • Practice group defections
  • Sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits

Part I of the article covers how to protect a law firm’s reputation and the six R’s of crisis management.

Read Part I: Reputation Crisis and What a Law Firm Can Do About It, Part I

In Part II of the article, law firm reputation crisis management expert, Gina Rubel interviews Sameer Somal, CFO of Blue Ocean Global Technology, which handles online reputation management for global organizations. Together they provide tips on how to protect a law firm’s digital footprint and how to repair a law firm’s digital reputation after a crisis. Anecdotes include:

  • Assemble a crisis management team
  • Control your search engine results pages
  • Increase positive reviews
  • Publish valuable and timely content regularly
  • Continue to monitor, track and adjust

Read Part II: Reputation Crisis and What a Law Firm Can Do About It, Part II

Elements of a Crisis Management Plan [Video]

Gina Rubel is a seasoned crisis planning and management expert and attorney. She educates law firms and their clients regularly on how to plan for a crisis. In one of her latest videos, Gina discusses the six major elements in a crisis management plan (CMP). While the focus of the presentation was on community bank crisis management, the concepts apply across the board to all businesses and in particular law firms, accounting firms, financial service providers, nonprofits, municipalities and other business which should be concerned with website hacking and data breaches.