Growing up in a small town in Connecticut, Heather Truitt never quite knew how to answer the question every adult seems to ask of children: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” She finally found her answer — and her passion — in an Intro to Graphic Design class in high school. She was smitten.

A visit to New York City for a concert a few weeks after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, convinced Heather that she needed to experience the pulse of life in a metropolitan area. That led her to the City of Brotherly Love to attend the Art Institute of Philadelphia.

After graduating, Heather immediately put her design skills to work in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. After several years of working at large marketing agencies, Heather joined Furia Rubel Marketing and Public Relations as a member of the agency’s graphic design team in 2015.

Heather served as the agency’s senior designer for several years and continues to support the agency as a consultant. She assists the strategic marketing and public relations agency with graphic design, email marketing, infographics, digital strategy, and social media.

In her years supporting Furia Rubel, the agency has received many awards for her contributions to client work including: Communicator Award of Distinction from the International Academy of Visual Arts, a Mobile WebAward from the Web Marketing Association, a Philadelphia PRSA Pepperpot Award for reputation and brand management, a Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award (MEA), and Web Marketing Association’s Web Legal Standard of Excellence Award.

Heather lives in Chalfont, Pa., in Bucks County with her young son and husband. Together with her husband, she spends her spare time selling vintage video games and planning TooManyGames, a video game convention held every year in June. She and her husband enjoy going to concerts and traveling.


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