Attorneys who advertise usually look like ambulance chasers. On the other hand, attorneys who know how to use PR can look like stars. Simply put, Gina's book is the best I've seen for attorneys on public relations.

~Michael Port, Author of Book Yourself Solid and Beyond Booked Solid

Furia Rubel

everyday public relations for lawyers


In today's competitive marketplace, attorneys can no longer afford to ignore the power of public relations. This straightforward and thorough guide covers everything that seasoned and new lawyers alike need to know about promoting themselves, their law firms and their practices. Everyday Public Relations for Lawyers provides hands-on advice on all aspects of public relations, from the do's and don'ts of media relations to controlling your message to harnessing the power of the Internet.

Author: Gina Furia Rubel, Esq.
Publication Date: December 2007
ISBN: 978-0-9801719-0-7
Library of Congress Control Number: 2007941911
Page Count: 184
Topics: Legal Communications, Law Firm Public Relations, Law Practice Management, Marketing, Solos and Small Firms
Format: Print
Price: $24.95 (Regular) plus S&H ($5.00)

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Here's what others are saying about Everyday Public Relations for Lawyers:

"Attorneys who advertise usually look like ambulance chasers. On the other hand, attorneys who know how to use PR can look like stars. Simply put, Gina's book is the best I've seen for attorneys on public relations."
-Michael Port, Author of the New York Times Best Seller, Book Yourself Solid and Beyond Booked Solid

"Everyday Public Relations for Lawyers is filled with practical PR strategies, models, and success tips that will enhance your professional image and improve communications with the media, your community and your clients."
-Priscilla Y. Huff, Author of Make Your Business Survive and Thrive!: 100+ Proven Marketing Methods.

"Two bright lawyers, equally skilled. Lawyer A has a national reputation and an enormous, ongoing stream of the most interesting business; Lawyer B ekes out a living. Lawyer B should have bought Gina's book."
-Ross Fishman, Esq., President, Ross Fishman Marketing, Inc.

"Every attorney I know should read this book. Gina's practical tips and guidance offer everything an attorney needs to know about public relations and how to use it strategically to get results."
-Joseph P. Stampone, Esq., Founding Shareholder, Stampone D'Angelo Renzi DiPiero, P.C.

"While many lawyers are great practitioners in the courtroom, they fail miserably when attempting to promote themselves, their firms and their clients in the media. Gina's book is a step-by-step, easy-to-read compendium of public relations do's and don'ts for lawyers. It should be a gift to every law school graduate."
-Sayde J. Ladov, Esq., Abrahams, Loewenstein & Bushman
(2009 Philadelphia Bar Association Chancellor)

"This exceptional resource should be in every law firm across the world. Any lawyer serious about growing their book of business must read and apply all of Gina's recommended practical strategies from this book! This all-in-one guide is jam-packed with information on the what, why and how of public relations for lawyers. Not only will attorneys boost their reputation and generate buzz in the media, they will double their productivity. From the traditional practices to Web 2.0-Everyday Public Relations has it all."
-Neen James, International Productivity Expert and Author of Secrets of Super-Productivity

"Gina has done a great service to the legal profession-and the media-with this sensible and comprehensive book. I highly recommend it to lawyers as well as PR and marketing professionals entering the legal market."
-Rich Klein, President, Riverside Public Relations LLC

"This insightful guide provides a treasure trove of great advice in a style that is fun to read. Gina's background as a lawyer turned public relations professional gives her a unique perspective on lawyer rainmaking. Her chapter on Internet networking is a fascinating orientation to developing opportunities. I highly recommend this book to lawyers at all stages of their careers."
-Rudolph Garcia, Esq., Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC

"As a business owner who handles her own PR, I found this book extremely informative and helpful. I'm sure both lawyers and self-employed people in a myriad of industries will find it easy to read and understand and will come away revved up about trying some of these strategies and tactics themselves."
-Gayle Crist Shisler, Life Coach, HealthyLife Planning

"Gina has condensed her years of public relations experience into a systematic, step-by-step approach that would benefit any lawyer who interacts with the public, the media and other lawyers."
-Jason P. Lisi, Esq., President, Legal Internet Solutions Incorporated

Gina's insight into public relations is straightforward and understandable. Her book provides valuable content and a practical approach to reaching a targeted audience. Lawyers, legal marketing professionals, and other service providers interested in raising awareness in the marketplace will find it required reading for developing and implementing a successful public relations plan.
-Laura Powers, President, Harvest Graphics

"Gina writes with great clarity and creativity. Public relations is a difficult concept for many lawyers to grasp and understand. Gina's book peels away the layers of the complex issue of PR and provides simple but strategic advice. I'll keep the guide in my office and recommend that the lawyers in my firm do the same."
-Robin M. Nolan, Director of Marketing, White and Williams LLP

"Keep Everyday Public Relations for Lawyers on your desk for handy reference to create effective promotions and lasting impressions. It contains exactly the type of strategies law firms need to support their business development programs and increase their books of business."
-Susan Williams, President & CEO, S.A.W. Broadcasting, Inc.

"Every lawyer should refer to Everyday Public Relations for Lawyers every day. It's practical, informative and to the point. If more lawyers applied the strategies in this book, they would improve their media relationships overnight."
-Karen Friedman, President, Karen Friedman Enterprises, Inc., and Author of Speaking of Success

"Gina combines her background as a lawyer with her excellent communication skills and a strong dose of common sense to provide practical advice to other lawyers."
-Molly Peckman, Esq., Monthly Columnist, The Legal Intelligencer

"The jury has returned their verdict, and it's a win-win for Gina Furia Rubel. Her expertise as a practicing attorney and public relations specialist come together perfectly in this easy-to-read, step-by-step guide, a must-have for any lawyer hoping to expand the boundaries of their professional profile."
-Debora Russo Haines, Esq.

"When I need legal analysis for a story I'm working on, I call a lawyer and I know that lawyer will be prepared for the interview if they take the advice that Gina Furia Rubel provides for them in her book."
-Brad Segall, Suburban Bureau Chief, KYW Newsradio and Host "The Philadelphia Agenda" on WOGL-FM

"A manual all attorneys should keep at their fingertips! Gina provides a comprehensive approach to building and implementing a sound public relations strategy in an easily consumable fashion. A good read before undertaking any serious public relations efforts."
-M. Toni Buckley, Edelman

"Gina Furia Rubel's book demystifies the art of public relations for the legal profession. The plain-language strategies, insights and practical tips in this solid reference are indispensable to any attorney seeking to build a practice."
-Mark A. Tarasiewicz, Chairman, Philadelphia Public Relations Association

"Gina combines the training and good judgment of an attorney with the experience and creativity of a seasoned public relations professional to produce a valuable guide loaded with practical and insightful tips for every lawyer. Gina has a passion for her work and it shows!"
-Daniel A. Cirucci, Lecturer in Corporate Communications, Penn State University

"This is the ultimate 'how to' public relations book for law firms. This is a must read if you want to take your business to another level."
-Chuck Polin, President, The Training Resource Group

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