The Challenge

Bucks County Bar Association Brand

Based in the Bucks County seat of Doylestown, Pennsylvania, the Bucks County Bar Association promotes and supports programs and organizations designed to foster respect for the rule of law and the advancement of legally protected rights and social justice. The bar association strives to accomplish these goals through the work of its many committees, sections, and divisions, and community and continuing legal education programs.

The Bucks County Bar Association reached out to Furia Rubel for assistance with a rebranding initiative: the association needed a new seal that would convey its rich Bucks County roots and maintain an appealing classic design. Moreover, because the association uses its seal both online and in professional and public communications, the new design needed to appeal to legal professionals and members of the public alike.

Our Deliverables

Bucks County Bar Association Brand

In creating the Bucks County Bar Association’s new brand, Furia Rubel carefully considered Bucks County’s rich history and the association’s target audience.

The logo, which adorns the association’s homepage at, is reminiscent of the Moravian tiles handmade by workers at the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works (now a Bucks County historic landmark) under the direction of founder Henry Chapman Mercer. A major proponent of the arts and crafts movement in the United States, Mercer directed work at the Tile Works from 1898 until his death in 1930.

The tile depicted in the association’s seal incorporates a vibrant orange background complemented by a stately blue fleur-de-lis at each corner, which join to encircle “Bucks County Bar Association” and the organization’s incorporation date of 1883. “Bucks” appears outside the top of the circle, with “County” appearing below.

The brand is a dynamic blend of the old and the new, ushering the association’s logo into the future while ably recalling its past.

Marketing Deliverables

According to Deanna M. Mindler, the executive director of the Bucks County Bar Association at the time of the rebranding initiative, “Our new logo/seal truly reflects the spirit and traditions of the Bucks County Bar Association. This was one of the major initiatives undertaken by our 2011-2012 president, Jeffrey G. Trauger, Esq., of which he should be very proud. It was a pleasure to work with Furia Rubel — an agency that has a deep understanding of legal marketing and lawyers.”

A merchandise mockup with the new design.