The most important phone call I made during the planning of the Bucks County Covered Bridges Festival was to Furia Rubel. Their plan was meticulously formulated and implemented in a logical, step-by-step process. Their expertise, professionalism, attention to detail and media contacts have been instrumental in making the event a huge success. Perhaps just as important, their dedication, willingness to "get involved" and enthusiasm for my event have impressed me greatly.

~Wayne Siefert, Event Founder and Organizer
Bucks County Covered Bridges Festival

Furia Rubel Team

Furia Rubel Team

Sarah Larson - Vice President of Public Relations

Some people say they learned everything they needed to know about life in kindergarten. Sarah Larson learned everything she needed to know while braced at the front of a swaying bus as it trundled through the Hungarian countryside.

It was fall 1993, and she had been in Hungary for less than a week. The newly minted college graduate had called a number for Teach Hungary, torn from a flyer posted on a bulletin board at her school, just a few months before. Soon, she was on her way to a country she probably couldn’t have picked out on a map, to teach English to Hungarian high school students.

What drove her there was the same instinct that has driven her through two decades of a successful career in communications – insatiable curiosity, a love of people and a keen desire to learn and share that learning with others.

Today, Sarah is an award-winning journalist and public relations professional who has spent a career facilitating communications among businesses, governmental leaders and the general public. She joined the team at Furia Rubel Communications as Vice President of Public Relations in August 2013, after nearly 20 years in the news business.

After cutting her teeth in the newsroom on the night cops beat at a daily newspaper in Moline, Ill., Sarah went on to cover nearly every beat available, from city and county government, to cops, crime and courts, to health and medical reporting.

In 2000, she moved to Bucks County, Pa., to cover the courthouse for Calkins Media daily newspapers, The Intelligencer and the Bucks County Courier Times. She also covered Bucks County law news for The Legal Intelligencer, the nation’s oldest law journal.

Sarah entered journalism as the industry began to evolve technologically. She remembers the days when only one computer in the newsroom had access to this new “internet” thing, and she was the only one who knew how to use it. In 2010, she dove into the emerging world of hyper-local, online journalism, running Pennsylvania’s most successful edition of Patch, a network of online local news and community websites owned by AOL.

She believes in the power of stories, shared through integrated marketing and social media, to directly influence and grow business, because she made it happen every day for several years.

But even today, Sarah remembers the lessons she learned on that bus trip in Hungary; do your homework, prepare for emergencies, talk to and listen to everyone around you, ask for help if you need it, but above all, don’t be afraid to take calculated risks. They are the only things in life that will get you where you want to go.

Sarah graduated with a degree in English and Political Science from Drake University. She lives in Hilltown, Bucks County, Pa., with her husband, two children, rescue dog and assorted hermit crabs. In her free time, she enjoys all the things she gets paid to do: reading, writing, taking photographs, learning, talking and listening. She also enjoys red wine and good chocolate but has yet to figure out a way to get someone to pay her for that.

Professional Public Relations, Social Media and Content Marketing Topics

Sarah Larson presents on many topics related to public relations, media relations, social media strategy and execution, content marketing, and more. Topics and presentations include:

  • You'd Better Sweat the Small Stuff: Social Media Details that Make the Difference
  • Building Careers in Journalism and Related Professions
  • Integrated Marketing and PR for Small Business Owners

In addition, Sarah has acted as a moderator for numerous conferences and events, including:

  • "Bridging the Gap: Regional Impact Breakfast," Impact Thrift Stores
  • "Consumer Health Engagement: Health Ownership," Philadelphia SmartCEO

To book Sarah as a presenter or moderator for your next program, call 215-340-0480, or email her at

Connect with Sarah

Twitter: and
LinkedIn: Sarah Larson

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