Within 24 hours of our contacting Furia Rubel, they seamlessly coordinated media releases, contacts and monitoring for a high profile catastrophic accident. I found their assistance invaluable and always the epitome of professional. We received coverage in television, radio and print all across the East Coast as a result of Furia Rubel's efforts.

~Michael L. Barbiero, Esq., Partnerr
Anapol Schwartz

Furia Rubel Services

Crisis Planning / Crisis Communications

At Furia Rubel, we have a motto: Proper planning prevents poor performance. This means that with proper planning, crisis communications can be executed efficiently and effectively if the need arises.

We provide strategic counsel that allows you and your organization to keep your reputation intact, while responding to an evolving situation proactively.

At the end of the day - all you really have is you reputation.

Our Crisis Communications capabilities include:

  • Business Ally Third-Party Development
  • Community Relations
  • Crisis Media Training
  • Media Relations
  • Press Material and Message Development
  • Reputation Management
  • Statement, Press Release and Article Development
  • Strategic Planning and Counsel

Our Services:

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