Based in Hungary, Éva Kerecsen is a distinguished legal expert with a robust track record in the technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and automotive software sectors. She is the founder and principal attorney at Lawit, a boutique law firm specializing in technology and software law, while also serving as the Chief Legal Counsel at NNG LLC. At NNG, Éva oversees all legal activities for the company group, managing approximately 800 legal matters annually.

Éva’s expertise encompasses copyright, e-commerce, IT law, employment law, commercial law, and data protection, making her a pivotal figure in navigating complex legal landscapes. With a commitment to blending business acumen with legal insight, she has successfully built bridges between business objectives and legal frameworks.

Éva’s passion for AI and software law is reflected in her continuous professional development. She holds advanced degrees in Infocommunication Law and Data Protection Law and has pursued studies at George Washington University and the Academy of European Law. Currently, she is enrolled in the AI in Legal Practice & Regulation postgraduate program at the University of Lisbon.