Although we’re not sure of her background, at first glance Mavis looks like a terrier mix. However, she lacks that persistent drive most terriers have, and she’s a non-shedder with lovely locks of hair instead of fur. She may be a toy poodle/Maltese mix. No matter what her ancestry, Mavis is a bright ray of sunshine.

Don’t think this 7.8-pound package of fur doesn’t have a dark side. If you wear a uniform or hat with your outfit, or simply open the office door, she is overtaken by the need to protect her fellow employees and can offer a vicious warning.

Mavis shares a home and yard with her two moms, a pair of standard poodles, a tortoise, three calico cats, one fish inside the house, and a pair of golden retriever neighbors next door. She looks beyond her fenced yard and barks at a small flock of chickens, a horse, and a couple of barn cats most every day.

Because her other mom works for the Bucks County Herald, Mavis spends Fridays at their office. Another dog-friendly office, the weekly newspaper has crowned her one of the staff’s canine mascots and has used her headshot on a specialty publication. They seem to work her very hard there — impromptu photos often show her curled up in her bed when she’s supposed to be working.

In her spare time, Mavis enjoys car rides, the sport of cat chasing, chewing the Achilles heels and armpits of her best buddy Tee the poodle, and doing pirouettes for treats. Her favorite foods are Cooper Sharp American cheese and peanut butter.