The Challenge

Law Firm Branding

Since its founding in 1975, Venzie, Phillips & Warshawer has represented its construction industry clients in dealing with a full range of interesting and complex claims and issues that result in contract disputes on private and public works construction projects. By the end of 2019, the firm’s founder and sole shareholder retired. Jeffrey Venzie, son of Venzie, Phillips & Warshawer founding partner, decided to branch out to create his own firm, Venzie Construction Law, with the goal of growing the law firm targeted to an audience of commercial construction companies, subcontractors and building suppliers in eastern Pennsylvania. This new firm, Venzie Construction Law, counsels construction clients by using the latest legal technologies to support their needs in all areas of construction law. Venzie Construction Law opened for business on Sept. 1, 2019. Furia Rubel was tasked with branding and creating a campaign to launch this new law firm, including branding guidelines, logo, stationery, business cards and more. The goal was to define Venzie Construction Law as the go-to law firm for client needs in all facets of construction law in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Venzie Construction Law Website Image

Furia Rubel Communication’s objectives were to:

  • Differentiate Venzie Construction Law from the big law firms providing similar construction services at much higher costs.
  • Highlight the firm’s experience in construction law with an emphasis on personal service and attention, similar to a concierge doctor.
  • Focus on the desire of Venzie Construction Law to build solid and long-lasting relationships with its clients.

Our graphic designer was inspired by the influence of geometry in creating the brand logo for Venzie Construction Law. Construction and math go hand-in-hand, so the identity was built from the square. The business acronym, “VCL,” was perfect for this logo structure.

All aspects of the brand identity project strength, trust, dependability, responsibility, and loyalty. Since this business marries two distinctly different environments, legal and construction, the brand needed a class font family, conveying visual strength (a stronger foundation). Helvetica Neue was the perfect choice, maintaining monolith downstrokes.

Venzie Construction Law provided an idea for a primary color, a deep blue. The only adjustment was to strengthen its weight, by equalizing the percentage of cyan and magenta to create a deep mallard blue. The hue of blue represents trust, responsibility, honesty and loyalty. This deeper blue has a wash of green which creates a sense of calm and peace, similar to a deep ocean blue, connecting with nature. Its counterpart is an asphalt grey, a strong partner to the mallard blue. Supporting the main color, this deep charcoal grey is solid and stable. It is the foundation to the brand, like a gray suit, conservative, reliable, and independent. This palette is equal in hardiness for a construction industry audience known for its rough-and-tumble deportment.

Bringing together all of these purposeful elements (geometry, construction, law) is the strong tagline: Your Legal Cornerstone. The tagline equally represents the legal and construction industries and embodies strength and capability to the target audience of construction companies, subcontractors and building suppliers.

The website, Facebook and LinkedIn social media profiles have been set up for the firms utilizing this new branding campaign.  In addition, Furia Rubel issued an electronic alert announcing the new firm utilizing a template created for the firm’s electronic announcements and newsletters.

I couldn't be happier with the logo and branding Furia Rubel did for my new construction law firm. I wanted a simple, unique logo and tagline that portrayed the firm's and my personality and they delivered. I would recommend them to anyone starting a new venture.

Our Deliverables

Venzie's Law Firm Brand

Furia Rubel created a branding campaign that differentiates Venzie Construction Law from the sea of construction law firms that all look and feel the same. The new brand conveys a sense of personal service and attention for the long-term, building solid, friendly relationships within the construction industry.

The campaign successfully describes the firm as sincere, confident, savvy, wise, dependable, trustworthy, warm, honest, bold, and serious.

Most law firms offering construction legal services also practice in many other areas of law. It is difficult for them to brand their expertise in the construction area of practice. Furia Rubel has differentiated Venzie Construction Law by highlighting their construction law services and helping them to stand out in the competitive crowd.