The Challenge

Mail Order Pharmacy Community Relations And PR

Working with Focus Express Mail Pharmacy, one of the nation’s leading internet mail-order pharmacies specializing in diabetes drugs and medical devices, Furia Rubel and the client identified a serious public health threat. That is, 20.8 million children and adults in the United States suffer from diabetes. Nearly one in three of these individuals is unaware that he or she has the condition. Clearly there was a need for a diabetes health education program targeting elementary school children and their families via mail order pharmacy community relations and PR.

The outcome of this call to action was Peds for Prevention, a public health program that provided grant money to school systems to sustain necessary health education programs to keep students active. Focus Express Mail Pharmacy initially donated $25,000 in pedometers, educational materials, programs, and grant monies to the School District of Haverford Township in Pennsylvania. Five elementary schools in the district were initially targeted.

Peds for Prevention Walk and Awards Ceremony

Peds for Prevention Walk and Awards Ceremony with Emcee, Denise Nakano of NBC10 News


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Broadcast, print and online media placements

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Mail Order Pharmacy Community Relations And PR

Furia Rubel conceptualized and organized Peds for Prevention. Each participating student received a branded pedometer donated by the pharmacy. The program included a fundraising component: an entry fee of one dollar with the ability to seek additional sponsors who could make a donation of any amount. The monies raised were then donated back to the Haverford Township School District Education Foundation.

Activities included:

  • Media Relations Planning: Detailed press kit development, including contact information, talking points, and fact sheet
  • Media Pitching: Initial and follow-up media relations, emphasizing the importance of the story for the public well-being
  • Furia Rubel organized and managed the Peds for Prevention pilot event in Montgomery County, PA

“Getting the word out about diabetes and prevention is exactly what I expected when I hired Furia Rubel,” said Joel D. Shpigel R.Ph., CEO of Focus Express Mail Pharmacy. “I am thrilled that Diabetes Health magazine picked this story up. Thank you, Furia Rubel, you’re the best.”

Furia Rubel and Focus Express Mail Pharmacy are also pleased to report that Peds for Prevention™ indeed made a difference in the lives of its participants. Participants each received a free pedometer to measure every step they took during the month of April, and students enjoyed an awards ceremony during which they walked the final 2,000 steps of the program together at the Haverford Middle School Track and Field. Post-program survey results revealed that participants began spending less time playing video games and more time walking with pedometers, riding bicycles and playing outside with friends. Participants also reported increased knowledge regarding Type 2 diabetes – particularly its treatment and prevention – and healthier eating habits.