The Challenge

Law Firm Branding, Marketing And Public Relations

For anyone living in the Delaware Valley in the 1980s and early 1990s, Dave Frankel was a morning staple. The Emmy Award-winning journalist was part of the beloved morning news crew for Philadelphia’s ABC affiliate news station, delivering friendly weather forecasts every day. Frankel left his 25-year-long TV career to pursue a law degree from Villanova University in Montgomery County, PA. This allowed him to pursue his passion of helping those in most need — children with special needs and their families. Together with attorney Joshua Kershenbaum, Frankel founded Frankel & Kershenbaum, LLC, a premier special education law firm in the Delaware Valley. The two then reached out to Furia Rubel for their law firm branding, marketing and public relations needs knowing that, when your image is so closely aligned with the morning news, you need a way to clearly differentiate your law firm brand from the competition.

F&K at Autism Walk

The partners of Frankel & Kershenbaum Show Their Colors in Support of the Autism Walk

When our law firm was looking for integrated marketing and PR solutions, we were told by many trusted colleagues that we had to talk with Furia Rubel. We are so glad we listened. Furia Rubel has transformed the face of our law firm, developing a brand, logo, and website that capture not only what we do, but who we are as lawyers. Furia Rubel has earned our trust and respect, and we view them as one of the best investments we have made as a law firm.

Our Deliverables

Law Firm Branding, Marketing And Public Relations

Furia Rubel developed a bold visual for Frankel & Kershenbaum’s brand that includes the image of an umbrella with primary colors as a reflection of the firm’s commitment to serving children with special needs and their families while remaining approachable. The umbrella symbolizes safety and protection; it also serves as a nod to Frankel’s first career as a TV weatherman and news anchor. Additionally, the rainbow colors within the umbrella welcome the LGBTQ community and symbolize hope and promise.

In addition to the law firm brand, tagline and marketing collateral, Furia Rubel’s legal marketing team led the development of, a new website for the firm. The site is fully content managed by members of the firm and integrates:

  • Detailed practice descriptions
  • Forms to contact the firm
  • In-depth attorney biographies
  • Public relations
  • Resources for families
  • Videos and more

Brand Development