The Challenge

Our Research - Bucks County Adr Firm Marketing and Public Relations

The Bucks County Mediation and Arbitration Center (BCMAC) is a full-service alternative dispute resolution provider, addressing issues involving contract and real estate disputes; equity matters; underinsured and uninsured motorist cases; personal injury, municipal, medical malpractice and employer / employee disputes; business mergers and dissolutions; and select, high-conflict, child custody disputes. BCMAC provides cost-effective and real-world solutions to attorneys, consumers, business and industry professionals, employees and government agencies. BCMAC engaged Furia Rubel as its ADR firm marketing and PR partner to handle integrated communications, rebrand the firm, revamp the firm’s website and provide strategic marketing counsel and execution.


Working with Furia Rubel has been a pleasure. Their streamlined approach to redeveloping the BCMAC website was proactive, efficient and effective. Our wide array of community and legal services are now strategically organized and displayed in a professional manner – exactly what we were looking for when we hired Furia Rubel to provide strategic marketing and public relations support.

Our Deliverables

Bucks County Adr Firm Marketing And Public Relations

Furia Rubel significantly increased BCMAC’s online presence by revising its website content, reorganizing it and displaying it in a professional, user-friendly format. In fact, the founder, Barbara N. Lyons, Esq., attributes Furia Rubel’s copy and content advice to prospective clients’ discovery of the firm and retention of the firm’s services leading to an excellent return of investment.

In addition, Furia Rubel has built a long-term, ongoing relationship with BCMAC, serving as a trusted partner to the firm. The agency executes a multitude of projects on the dispute resolution provider’s behalf including professional curriculum vitae updating; award identification and nominations; rebrand implementation – stationery, email signature, website, etc.; ongoing website updates; and media relations support involving thought leadership placement. BCMAC has attributed an increase in business to the services provided by Furia Rubel.