The Challenge

B2B Pharmaceutical Services Pr And Marketing

Consumer Health Information Corporation is the industry leader in pharmaceutical patient education. The company is dedicated to teaching patients how to manage their medications safely and wisely. Founder and president, Dr. Dorothy L. Smith, is an industry leader and expert, having written 23 books, two of which have appeared on The New York Times Best Sellers List. Consumer Health Information Corporation engaged Furia Rubel as its B2B pharmaceutical services PR and marketing partner in order to increase recognition and demand for its services, expand its research, and increase its business with consumers, the pharmaceutical industry and pharmacy chains/retailers.

Dr. Dorothy Smith Receives NCPIE Award

Dr. Dorothy Smith Receives NCPIE Award. Pictured with Gina Rubel.

Our Deliverables

B2B Pharmaceutical Services Pr And Marketing

As Consumer Health Information Corporation’s public relations partner, Furia Rubel successfully generated publicity in vertical trade magazines such as:

  • PharmaVoice (cover story)
  • Pharmaceutical Executive
  • DTC Insights
  • Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News
  • And in local and regional newspapers in Washington, D.C., Virginia and Canada

Furia Rubel also successfully applied for multiple awards on behalf of Dr. Dorothy Smith and her company, including:

  • Paul G. Rogers/National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE) Medication Communicator Award
  • University of Cincinnati Medical Center, College of Pharmacy Robert J. DeSalvo Distinguished Alumni Award
  • Golden Web Award from the International Association of Web Masters and Designers.

As a result, several national and international prospects sought proposals that converted into new business.

According to Dr. Dorothy Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Consumer Health Information Corporation, “Furia Rubel provides excellence, honesty and a commitment to their clients. They have excellent relationships with the media and represent clients very professionally and positively. I totally trust Furia Rubel in any activity in which they are representing our company. Their high intelligence gives them a strength that is not found in any other public relations firms I’ve ever worked with.”