Kitty Pierce’s love of design started when she was growing up in Delaware County, playing in the woods, digging in streams, and climbing trees. With imagination flowing, her first canvas was taking nature apart to rebuild it into new pathways and gardens. To this day, Kitty loves digging in the dirt, transforming the ground each spring, and then watching the garden’s beauty blossom throughout the season.

As a brand steward, Kitty Pierce brings a hands-on, client-centric approach to project management as a consultant to Furia Rubel. She recognizes and promotes the importance of an organization’s brand: its message, design, consistent usage, differentiation, and ultimately, value as an organizational asset supporting its strategic plan. She establishes and maintains brand standards, which are critical to business or project success.

Kitty supports Furia Rubel’s clients with cohesive brand management, team support, and motivating leadership. She works within a business to build a united alliance between different team partners to drive better outcomes. She understands the targeted customer’s need and focuses their message, creating designs that engage, educate, and empower.

After graduating with a BFA in Communication Design from Kutztown University, Kitty moved to Bucks County and started her career in publishing, on the production team for Nursing and Learning magazines. She quickly recognized the importance of a cohesive brand across all touch points. With a passion to learn and grow, Kitty was promoted to marketing, then publication design. She then set her sights on a position at Rodale and soon got an Art Director position there. Kitty has worked in various industries since Rodale, and her client list has included: Ryan Turner Specialty, PatientPoint, One Source Retirement Advisors, Rodale, Reader’s Digest, The POWER of Professional WoMen, Lehigh University, American Hospital Patient Guides, Automotive Resources International, American Woodworker, Woodcraft, and others.

After 25 years in Bucks County, Pa., Kitty recently moved back to Delaware County. She is spending as much time as possible gardening and rediscovering the nearby trails and waterways of the Brandywine, Crum Creek, state parks, and land trusts. She hopes that this year, she’ll be running the trails with a new Great Dane.