Jayla is a culture creator with a passion for storytelling, building marketing campaigns and letting her creativity soar. She is experienced in social media, content marketing, brand awareness, and digital media creations and supports Furia Rubel’s clients in these efforts.

She graduated with honors from Drexel University with a B.S. in Entertainment & Arts Management, a minor in Business Administration, and a concentration in Sports Entertainment. During her undergraduate years, she co-oped with Furia Rubel and worked for Sony Music Entertainment, Epic Records, Bumble, Rent the Runway, Her Campus and Victoria’s Secret PINK. Jayla helped create marketing campaigns, designed electronic press kits, wrote blog posts, assembled podcasts, worked with influencers, and supported local businesses in the Philadelphia and New York areas.

Jayla seamlessly uses her personal brand to connect her interest in the entertainment, lifestyle and fashion industries. She plans to leave her mark in any room she steps foot in.


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