We all agreed that the [media] event [promoting our Cool Roof Technology] was great and the coverage was terrific. Thanks again.

~Alexandra Samuels, Manager of Civic and Philanthropic Affairs
Rohm and Haas

Furia Rubel Services

Mergers and Acquisitions

The Furia Rubel team understands that a solid communication plan is critical during a merger and acquisition (M&A). The success of the plan depends upon the ability of the organization to provide timely and accurate information to both internal and external audiences while also building a solid foundation of trust.

We focus on strategic and integrated tactics to ensure solid positioning of the M&A, a seamless internal assimilation process, and a proactive issues management plan that portrays and compliments the new merged company.


At Furia Rubel, we understand that an effective M & A communication plan should include all stakeholders. While the initial information may be the same for all parties, over time it is necessary to tailor messages to specific audiences. Providing timely and accurate information during the M&A process is critical. If you're not in control of the message, you may become vulnerable to speculation and rumor. During the M&A process, we develop and execute strategic communication programs that provide measurable results.

Our M & A public relations capabilities include:

Our Services:

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