The process of developing a brand is a science and an art. Branding takes into consideration the needs and desires of the target audience as well as the brand features, benefits and unique selling proposition.

At Furia Rubel, we take a four-step approach to brand development.

Define the brand

  • Brand analysis and research
  • Focus groups and discussions with key internal and external audiences
  • Industry research and understanding of brand architecture
  • Customer analysis and market analysis
  • Name options and opportunities

Develop the brand

  • Brand positioning, vision and mission
  • Key messages
  • Tagline development

Design the brand

  • Visual identity design and development; logo design
  • Typography, iconography, color choice and testing
  • Intellectual property support working with IP counsel

Deliver the brand

  • Artwork and options
  • Brand standards manual
  • Corporate stationery and collateral
  • Brand rollout and launch plan; implementation

Furia Rubel provides strategic brand development for a wide variety of organizations in various stages of business. If you are a new company in need of a new brand, a mature business in need of a rebrand, or an organization going through a merger and acquisition, Furia Rubel can help you to position your company for long-term success.

Branding matters. If you are looking to up your game and generate more business with a brand and messaging that drive business success, now is the time to contact Furia Rubel.

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