Furia Rubel provides excellence, honesty and a commitment to their clients. They have excellent relationships with the media and represent clients very professionally and positively. I totally trust Furia Rubel in any activity in which they are representing our company. Their high intelligence gives them a strength that is not found in any other public relations firms I've ever worked with.

~Dr. Dorothy Smith, Chief Executive Officer
Consumer Health Education Corporation

Furia Rubel

In The News

The American Lawyer Quotes Gina Rubel in 'SNL' Spoof Taking Aim at Morgan Lewis

Our founder, Gina Rubel, a lawyer-turned-legal-marketers, is quoted in American Lawyer regarding an "SNL" spoof taking aim at Morgan Lewis. When asked about the matter, Gina said, “What's important for the public to understand is that law firms don't pick their clients based on a popularity contest: they agree to represent clients when the lawyers believe they can protect their clients' interests. That is their job and the oath we take upon entering the practice of law.”

Read the full article.

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