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~Dr. Dorothy Smith, Chief Executive Officer
Consumer Health Education Corporation

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Gina F. Rubel: Law Firms Might Require Some Flexibility During Papal Visit

The August 3, 2015, issue of The Legal Intelligencer published an article regarding Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia next month and how it will affect those working in the city, especially law firms, and their interconnectedness to the courts and City Hall.

Some firms like Griesing Law have been swift to make their decisions to close for several days while the pope is in town, in part due to the property management company where the offices are located has decided to close down their buildings altogether during the visit. Others are waiting it out to make their announcements to staff and clients pending how other offices actually carry out business.

Gina F. Rubel of Furia Rubel Communications, Inc., has some advice to law firm management to make the decision early enough that staff can respond and make arrangements in advance.

"There is nothing productive in sending people into the city," Rubel said. "We can talk to our clients on the phone, we can do virtual meetings. Law firms will be so much more productive during the papal visit if they give their employees a good amount of advanced notice."

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